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Road Tanker and Rail Tank Car Bottom Loading

AFTAC provides specialist Fluid Transfer, Loading Control and Data Management components as well as Integrated Systems to improve safety, increase efficiency and reduce investment of the Road Tanker and Rail Tank Car bottom loading gantry.

The safety, reliability, efficiency, accuracy and cost of the equipment designed and used can be optimised to meet every customer’s requirements. Automation can reduce tanker turn-around times at the gantry as well as reduce driver/operator data entry time. High performance components mean higher uptime through increased efficiencies, reduced maintenance and extended re-calibration intervals.

Specific issues raised when using the higher flowrate bottom loading versus top loading include the higher risk of overfilling the tanker, build-up of static charge within the tanker and the potential for spillage when connecting and especially disconnecting the mechanical fluid coupling after loading due to static pressure from the liquid in the tanker and the loading arm or hose. A range of control measures are available to address each of these issues.

Biofuels can be blended using side-stream or ratio blending. Multiple additives can be injected. Electronic datalogging and configurable reporting in multiple formats are available.

Additional functionality such as remote event reporting via mobile phone SMS alerts for real-time reporting, exceptions notification, status advice and alarms is also available through the DALE Management System.

As with all processes in the fluid transfer industries the first priorities are personnel safety and environmental protection. General agreement amongst regulators and major industry end users has been reached regarding available methodologies for addressing safety and reliability concerns. Specialized proprietary equipment is available to integrate into the fluid transfer and Loading Control system which are designed specifically for the purpose of loading flammable and combustible liquids into tankers safely, efficiently and economically.

Along with commonly used components used when loading road tankers such as flowmeters and flowrate control valves, flame arrestors, loading arms and monitoring systems – purpose designed components including batch Loading Controllers, Overfill & Grounding Verificiation Monitors and Dry Disconnect Couplings are commonly used.

Any fluid transfer and control system must be able to Integrate with the Client’s site safety and Control Systems so that appropriate responses can be programmed based on external events to maintain the safety and reliability of the transfer process and equipment.

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