AFTAC can provide blending solutions for loading applications including ethanol/petrol and diesel/biodiesel blending.

Additives can be added to each recipe independently.

Biofuel addition to standard fuels is becoming commonplace. The metering systems for the loading of fuels into trucks, rail cars and ships have to meet new requirements. The MFX_4 Loading Control System can cover all such requirements by using standard functions already implemented into the system.

The MFX_4 Loading Controller controls the complete blending process and also provides for the Weights & Measures related data as well as the temperature compensation at volume 15° C for managing the sales- and taxrelated requirements of loading processes.

Typically, ethyl alcohol (ethanol) is added to petrol and bio diesel to diesel fuel. In all blending configurations, the measured volume is converted to a reference volume at 15° C. The blending ratio between the two components is calculated on the basis of volume 15° C .

Ratio Blending

In this confi guration, both components are measured and converted separately. The MFX_4 Loading Controller controls the ratio of the two components permanently and immediately. Additionally, the blended volume is calculated out of the two single volumes. Therefore, the systems not only shows the single volumes but also ther total volume. In order to offer different blending ratios in one system, the MFX_4 Loading Controller can flush the line of the blended product. In flushing mode, the Loading Controller stops the flow of the added product when reaching a pre-defined rest-volume before arriving at the preset-amount. Then, the whole line gets flushed with pure main product [diesel or gasoline].

The MFX_4 Loading Controller and Terminal displays resulting data for
All these volumes can be displayed at operating temperature or at 15° C.

Ratio Blending has the advantage of greater flexibility in defining the blending ratio.

Side Blending [Wild stream]
This blending configuration is especially suitable in existing installations. The existing metering system [for diesel or gasoline] can be amended by a second metering system for the biofuel product. The biofuel product is injected directly in front of the meter of the blended product. Also in this confi guration, the MFX_4 Loading Controller permanently controls the defined blending ratio between the main and the biofuel product and also offers the flushing option.

The MFX_4 Operator Terminal displays resulting data for
Side Blending [Wild stream] is easier to integrate into existing installations but limited in its flexibility to allow for higher blending ratios.