Road Tanker Top Loading

Top Loading
Specific issues are raised when top loading road tankers including the higher risk of injury from working at heights and the distance and difficulty of travel in the event of an incident requiring evacuation. AFTAC provides specialist Fluid Transfer, Loading Control and Data Management components as well as Integrated Systems to improve safety and efficiency when top loading a road/rail tanker or isotainer.
Some of the control measures and equipment available for eliminating and mitigating these risks are unique.
Overfill Protection and static discharge can also pose risks when loading flammable or potentially flammable liquids.
Each chemical top loading application is different.
Along with standard Fluid Transfer equipment commonly used when loading road tankers such as flowmeters, flowrate control valves, loading controllers, loading arms and monitoring systems – folding stairs and suitable designed loading platforms are often necessary.
Please contact us by phone or email to discuss your road tanker top loading requirements.

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We are pleased to announce that AFTAC has been appointed the Australasian agent for Woodfield Systems Ltd.       

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