Road Tanker and Rail Tank Car Unloading

Road Tanker and Rail Tank Car UnloadingDeliveries from tankers to site storage presents similar challenges to tanker loading such as site storage tank overfill prevention and vapour management.

Aftac provides specialist components for addressing the specific challenges associated with unloading. AFTAC is able to custom design unloading systems to suit most duties – improving ergonomics/safety, increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs.

The appropriate use of automation can also reduce delivery times as well as driver/operator data entry and procedural errors.

High performance components mean higher uptime through increased efficiencies and reduced maintenance.

Many of the issues relating to unloading Road Tankers and Rail Tank Cars do not apply when unloading. However there can be additional challenges relating to hydraulics including the introduction of air that can occur as the delivery vessel nears empty. Free air can be introduced into the piping system by vortexing or stripping bottom product. Purpose built air elimination equipment is often used to ensure flowmeters do not see air and measurement accuracy is maintained.

An air eliminator vessel can have a liquid level float as an interface to close the discharge valve downstream of the meter. This stops all flow when liquid level drops to a predetermined point in the vessel. The valve must have adequate closing time to minimize the introduction of surges yet fast enough to eliminate the air being displaced in to the metering system.

Along with commonly used Fluid Transfer components used when loading road tankers such as air eliminators, flowmeters, flowrate control valves, loading controllers, and overfill protection monitors, flame detonation arrestors, loading arms and monitoring systems – special fittings such as dry disconnect couplings are also commonly utilized.

Any fluid transfer and control system must be able to Integrate with the Client's site safety and Control Systems so that appropriate responses can be programmed based on external events to maintain the safety and reliability of the transfer process and equipment.

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