IBC and Drum Filling

Drum Filling

An effective and efficient IBC or drum filling system manages many issues such as operator ergonomics, liquid spill and vapour control, overfill prevention, foaming, flowrate control and filling data transmission.

The filling of drums including IBCs/’Bulky Bins” can be made safer, more efficient and easier for the operator with an effective delivery system which will depend on the physical characteristics of the liquid being delivered. How are the pallets arranged on the floor? Does the liquid foam? Are the vapours hazardous or offensive? How do you measure the contents - by weight or volume? Is this for custody Transfer purposes? How is the data best reported and transmitted?

AFTAC can provide the Fluid Transfer, Loading Control and Data Management systems to improve safety and efficient in drum, IBC or ‘bulky-bin’ filling operations.

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We are pleased to announce that AFTAC has been appointed the Australasian agent for Woodfield Systems Ltd.       

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