Additive Injection

AFTAC can supply intelligent additivation injection systems. Combined with the highly sophisticated MFX_4 Additive Controller offers flexible solutions for most applications in oil product handling.

A variety of interfaces including fieldbus technology allows for integration into systems with other electronic presets, PLCs and Terminal Automation Systems.
Components such as additive flowmeter, solenoid control valves, strainer and check valve can either be direct mounted to the block (without piping connection) or individully plumbed. Only the additive meter is connected to the block via internal piping. The compact design avoids leaks and is easily installed on the load rack.

Components can be combined so that all additives run through the same meter run. The minimal contamination of additives is usually neglectable and can be eliminated by an optional fl ushing Additive Blockfunction when connected to the MFX_4 Loading Controller.

The second method is via discrete lines where each additive has its own dedicated additive line with dedicated solenoid valve, meter etc. There is then no additive mix possible in the system.

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We are pleased to announce that AFTAC has been appointed the Australasian agent for Woodfield Systems Ltd.       

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