Road Tanker and Rail Tank Car Bottom Loading

Truck Loading AFTAC can provide specialist Fluid Transfer, Loading Control and Data Management components as well as Integrated Systems to improve safety,

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Ratio Blending AFTAC can provide blending solutions for loading applications including ethanol/petrol and diesel/biodiesel blending.

Additives can be added to each recipe independently.

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Road Tanker Top Loading

Top Loading
Specific issues are raised when top loading road tankers including the higher risk of injury from working at heights and the distance and difficulty of travel in the event of an incident requiring evacuation. AFTAC provides specialist Fluid Transfer, Loading Control and Data Management components as well as Integrated Systems to improve safety and efficiency when top loading a road/rail tanker or isotainer.

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Inventory Monitoring

Tank FarmA range of mechanical, electronic and monitoring solutions are available to improve the safety, efficiency and life-time costs associated with the storage of hazardous liquids.

Road Tanker and Rail Tank Car Unloading

Road Tanker and Rail Tank Car UnloadingDeliveries from tankers to site storage presents similar challenges to tanker loading such as site storage tank overfill prevention and vapour management.

Aftac provides specialist components for addressing the specific challenges associated with unloading. AFTAC is able to custom design unloading systems to suit most duties – improving ergonomics/safety, increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs.

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Mobile Solutions

Rigid TankerProviding automated on-board Fluid Transfer metering, printing and WLAN/Internet data communications can improve delivery efficiency and reduce driver data entry time.

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Pipeline Metering

Pipeline Metering Measurement of liquids transferred through a pipeline utilizes all the functionality of the Loading Controller including flowmeter dual pulse integrity verification, volume temperature compensation, valve flow control, realtime density measurement and PLC interfacing.

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Passenger Vehicle Refueling

Passenger Vehicle Refueling

Every litre of fuel can be accounted for - including fuel dispensed into passenger vehicles. Weights and Measures approved dispensing systems

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IBC and Drum Filling

Drum Filling

An effective and efficient IBC or drum filling system manages many issues such as operator ergonomics, liquid spill and vapour control, overfill prevention, foaming, flowrate control and filling data transmission.

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Additive Injection

AFTAC can supply intelligent additivation injection systems. Combined with the highly sophisticated MFX_4 Additive Controller offers flexible solutions for most applications in oil product handling.

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News update

We are pleased to announce that AFTAC has been appointed the Australasian agent for Woodfield Systems Ltd.       

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