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In 2009 AFTAC was created to provide specialised components and systems to those customers involved in the bulk transfer of hazardous liquids.

AFTAC provides individual components and integrated turnkey systems for the safe and efficient transfer of liquids in the upstream oil & gas, fuel distribution, chemical, rail and mining industries.

AFTAC represents the M&F product range built on over thirty years of research & development and proven tanker loading experience. The modular architecture allows the integration of Data management, Access control, Loading and Event management to provide clients with customised solutions to optimise safety, efficiency and investment.

AFTAC represents the Brodie fluid transfer product range based on the Brooks and Daniel high accuracy fiscal flowmeter product range encompassing flowmeters, strainers, air eliminators and control valves.

Fluids include fuels such as diesel, biodiesel, petrol and ethanol as well as acids, caustic, solvents and other chemicals.

Any organisation handling hazardous liquids can benefit from a high level of control and accurate measurement and management of these liquids - improving safety, efficiency and reducing lifetime costs.

Bulk transfer applications includes road tanker, rail tank car, isotainer loading and unloading as well as the filling of IBCs and 200L drums.

Applications also include biofuel (ethanol and biodiesel) blending, additive dosing and the top loading of corrosive or hot liquids into road tankers and isotainers.

With many years experience in providing hazardous liquids handling solutions - the personnel at AFTAC design and deliver the latest technology on time and on budget. Clients can manage the design, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of their liquids handling operations to enable the safest, most efficient and user-friendly facility for the most economical start-up and lifetime investment.



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